Why Channel Precision?

Channel Precision – Why Us?

Our Mission: Provide our clients white glove Amazon operational excellence to maximize profitable revenue while enabling market affordability and enhancing the brand.

  • The only company that offers complete operational services from listing creation to customer service and everything in between.
  • Execute a clear and concise Amazon strategy.
  • A technology company that utilizes the best software/processes for a particular operational function.
  • Focus on maximizing your e-commerce sales and executing orders and processes successfully without the need to constantly upsell software.

Increased product exposure means increased profitable sales

  • 100% product exposure results in increased opportunity of sale.
  • Great products that did not necessarily book well, still receive the exposure they deserve.
  • Channel Precision will create product listings before arriving in warehouse allowing for immediate product exposure.
  • Leverage Channel Precision’s infrastructure and software to maximize listing creation capabilities and grow your business while reducing costs.

Channel Precision variable cost model means market affordability

  • At a variable cost model, Channel Precision will be profitable only if you are profitable.
  • Most companies will upcharge for each SKU or software. Channel Precision offers this service all-in-one with no upcharge; the only available e-commerce service to offer this model.
  • Bringing e-commerce management in-house can be costly and time-consuming. Our infrastructure has been successful for years and we have proven experience in the marketplace.

Direct to consumer through Amazon means higher margins

  • Increase your margins by taking control of the marketplace.
  • Most third-party sellers add little to no value to your brand. See margins rise 20-30% with direct to consumer.
  • Direct to consumer through Amazon with Channel Precision means no administration costs.

Better data, better outlook

  • Channel Precision provides Amazon sales data to better understand customer trends.
  • Forecast your production and inventory position using data of end consumer.
  • Utilize reports using Channel Precision software to drive decisions on maximizing Amazon Prime potential.

Protect your brand, protect your retailers

  • Pricing hurts the perceived quality of your brand and can undercut retailers. Protect your brand, bring back the retail customer.
  • Tell your brand story over the largest selling e-commerce platform.
  • Level the playing field and help retail remain competitive.