Matrix is your one stop shop for all of your Amazon data. By pulling data both Data Central and Precist financial and organizing it for any executive or department to easily understand, your business will thrive and you will have real time understanding of your Amazon health in order to make impactful brand decisions

At Channel Precision, we believe that data is great, but only half the story. In order to be truly successful the data needs to be organized and easy to understand for maximum impact. That is where Matrix comes in. Matrix aggregates all of your Amazon data and allows your team to easily digest and modify what they want to see, capabilities include:


Easy to see customer reviews with links directly to Amazon so that you have a pulse on what your consumers are saying for future improvements. This will allow you to make impactful product decisions and also file cases directly with Amazon to have reviews remove where applicable to keep overall brand integrity intact.


Now you can look at how your sales are trending both by units and be dollars with easy to read sales widgets. In addition, you can easily pick up on product trends faster and identify where you need to ramp up purchasing or production.


Look at which sellers are violating your MAP policy as well as which products have the highest number of violations so that you can keep brand integrity on Amazon. In addition, since Matrix is linked with MAP Watcher, you now have the ability to sort by authorized vs. unauthorized sellers to understand overall Amazon cleanliness.


For the first time, Amazon buybox rates widgets give you visibility on who is selling your product on the platform, and what each seller’s market share is. By looking at buybox rates daily. Matrix gives you the ability to understand in great detail the market share of each one of you approved and unapproved Amazon sellers.


With Matrix, it is easy to track your marketing progress and metrics. Matrix gives easy to read and exportable sponsored product data so that you can easily understand your spend, ROAS, best performing keywords, and areas of improvement.


With integration with Precise Financial, Matrix now allows you to understand where all of you products shipped in the country. Now you can look at your brand, product, and category demographics to make impactful decisions on distribution and marketing outside of Amazon.