Brand Protection

  • Are your long-established retailers fed up with your brand online?

  • Are they asking for bigger discounts while pre-booking less and less?

With the exponential increase of sales volume through multiple Third-Party Marketplaces, Brand Protection has become extremely costly and time consuming to manage.

Third Party platforms are encouraging anybody to sell on their platform.

  • They do not care if the seller is a manufacturer’s authorized seller.
  • They are making it extremely easy to sign up.
  • They allow the identity of the seller to be obscured.
  • They encourage sellers to have the lowest prices, including violating MAP, so that their platform is the most competitive.

Not allowing any Third Party selling is a mistake:

  • This would only leave Rogue sellers to destroy your brand on the 3rd party platforms.
  • Amazon is the largest retail platform in the United States and should be leveraged for revenue and enhancing the brand.
  • Select the right sellers for the right third party platform and let us help you keep the others off.


Channel Precision specializes in systematically identifying the true identity of the Rogue/Unauthorized Sellers. Our reports reveal where they are getting your products so that you can cut off the supply at the source.

  • Current Rogue Seller Identity Success Rate: 93.7%

  • Unauthorized Seller Investigations: Allow our proven process to find the identity of unapproved sellers for one low monthly fee.

  • Unauthorized Seller Directory: Gain access to our growing rogue seller library in the footwear and apparel product categories.

  • Full Brand Protection Service: Bi-weekly reports sent with screen shots giving full details of the time stamped MAP violations. In addition, take advantage of the full services above.

Unauthorized Seller Investigations:

Channel Precision has developed a proven and repeatable investigation process that identifies the true identity of the Rogue Seller and the source of their products.

For a low monthly fee:

  • Channel Precision will investigate 5 Rogue seller names of your choosing.
  • You will have unlimited access to our extensive and ever growing Rogue seller library.
  • You will have unlimited access to our manufacturer seller chat room to discuss retailers and best practices in managing your brand in this growing 3rd party environment.

An example of an unauthorized Seller report: ApparelSave

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