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With the adoption of 2D labeling at Amazon, Channel Precision felt it was necessary to develop a solution that allowed for brands and sellers alike to easily implement a 2D strategy.

With 2D transit, you can be assured that your shipments will be checked into FBA without any issues.


With our extremely easy to use interface, uploading your PO and scanning in products has never been easier. Unique features of 2D Transit include:


Built into 2DTransit is our SafetyNet system that does not allow for any shipment to go out the door unless the PO and the shipment match. This ensures accuracy of the label for quick check-in to FBA.

  • – Toggle combined 2D and FBA label generation on and off on a per-shipment basis
  • – More in depth reporting to include unit title, costs, and other identifying information


  • – Integrated simultaneous FNSKU barcode printing while scanning inventory. FNSKU ensures no co-mingling at FBA
  • – Automatic 2D content label printing on box completion
  • – Multi-user functionality under one account
  • – Control viewability and access on a per-user basis
  • – Tailored content viewing with filtering and sort options in shipment report
  • – Print history option for fast reproduction without opening plan report
  • – Know the progress of shipment plans at a glance with completion percentages on landing page