Brand Integrity

Having trouble with unauthorized sellers?

There is nothing that can disrupt an Amazon business more than unauthorized sellers.

They undermine MAP policies, effect sell through, disrupt listings and much more. At Channel Precision, we believe in being proactive to keep your brand clean. Our priority software is able to identify MAP and Rogue seller issues early, then our investigation and enforcement team will prioritize and investigate their true identity so that your brand gets clean and stays clean.

Retail Documentation

We can help you draft your paperwork to minimize unauthorized selling and get around the first sale doctrine.


Be leveraging Channel Precision technology, we will identify violators quickly, and have access to tools to quickly get them off the platform.


Our investigative team has a very detailed process to find the true identity of unauthorized sellers quickly and repeatedly.

Automated Enforcement

Our MAP Watcher software has the ability to automate the enforcement process so that you don’t need to spend your day sending out emails.

Results that are proven

We don’t believe in playing whack a mole with unauthorized sellers on Amazon. Instead, we create an environment where brands get clean fast, and stay clean. Our proactive strategies along with proprietary technologies allow for a quicker and more effective clean up process.

Year 1 reduction of Sellers


Year 1 MAP compliance


Investigation Success Rate


End-to-End Brand Solution

Keeping the power behind the brand

Retail Documentation Analysis

Our team will provide a free analysis of your retail documentation to identify needed changes to curb unauthorized selling.

MAP Monitoring and Enforcement

MAP Watcher software keeps track of prices on multiple platforms and automates enforcement so it is not a headache for your team.

Investigations and Enforcement

Our software and team of investigators track down unauthorized sellers trying to play games and put a stop to it.

No more wack-a-mole solutions

By leveraging a combination of Amazon specific proprietary softwares, ex law enforcement professionals, and a global team of experts, your brand will have a cost effective solution that finally works.

It’s time to take your Amazon business to the next level

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