Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) enforcement builds retailers’ confidence in your brand and standardizes their expectations across distribution channels.


MAP enforcement protects retailers’ profit margins and keeps them reordering inventory by preventing a “race to the bottom” on price.


Reduce administrative workload with automated monitoring and enforcement saves on labor by eliminating the need for entire departments.


It's easy to identify MAP violators, rogue sellers, and listings that misrepresent your product by controlling the representation, pricing, and distribution of your product

Monitor, analyze, and preside over reseller activity to protect the integrity of your brand

Manage your brand's reputation and put your brand on the MAP.

To paraphrase Warren Buffett, it’s easier to ruin a brand reputation than to build it. Your hard-won reputation depends not only on your products and services, but also on how resellers represent them. Since managing resellers and enforcing policies is a time-consuming job, we’ve automated that. So don’t worry about resellers ruining your reputation; let MAP Watcher handle that. You just build the best brand you can, and try not to mess it up.

  • MAP Monitoring
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Automatic Enforcement
  • Rogue Detection
  • Evidence Gathering
  • File Importation

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Developed in 2020–2021 and extensively beta tested by several large brands, MAP Watcher makes it easy to monitor and manage reseller activity to protect the integrity of your brand. By eliminating the need for intensive human monitoring, investigation, and enforcement, MAP Watcher massively reduces your labor cost so you can build and defend your business’s moat at a price that makes sense.

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