Amazon Metrics Management

Everything is about metrics

One of the biggest things Amazon is known for is consistency, they want all of their sellers to have the best and most consistent metrics, and they reward those that do.

That is why we ensure all of our customer’s selling metrics go above and beyond the Amazon standard.

Customer Satisfaction

We make sure all of our customers meet or exceed a 96% customer satisfaction rating.

IPI Score

FBA Limits

Performance Metrics

Our global team does a lot more than create new listings, we monitor your catalogue to ensure everything stays perfect long after your product is launched.

Make your brand stand out

Amazon has the largest product catalogue in the world, everything from running shoes to toaster ovens. By partnering with Channel Precision, we make sure that whatever your product and consumer base is, you stand out. We partner with you to take your content to the next level on Amazon.

New Listing Creation


Amazon Search Optimization


Legacy Listing Maximization


The Success of Advertising

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Catalogue Management

It may sound easy, but managing a catalogue on Amazon takes an army, that is why we have built a team of global Amazon experts.

A+ Content and Brand Store

We want your brand to look amazing end to end, this includes managing your brand store and ensuring every listing has the maximum amount of relevant content so that your products crush it!

Amazon AI Appeal

It’s not just about making your listing look great for customers, it is also important to make sure your listing is showing up on search. It starts with Amazon’s AI thinking your listing is great too!

A good looking listing is just the tip of the iceberg

Maximizing your brand and content on Amazon takes a lot more than just some bullet points and images. We make sure that your brand is maximized end to end. Everything from back end keywords to videos, it all matters when it comes to standing out on the largest product search platform in the world.

It’s time to take your Amazon business to the next level

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