2D Transit

Convenient Labeling

2D Transit allows you to scan inventory items and instantly print FNSKU, FBA, and 2D labels for shipping to FBA.

Efficient Processing

2D Transit reduces your package processing time and warehouse labor cost by 60-80%.

Accurate Inventory Check-ins

2D Transit’s SafetyNet auto-validation feature checks your work and alerts you if you’ve scanned the wrong item.

Processing Fees Savings

Amazon charges 15 to 30 cents per unit to manually process inventory that arrives without a carton contents list.

Don’t let labels hold you back

Get your products checked into FBA faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost.

2D shipping labels get your inventory checked in faster so you can start selling right away. 2D Transit makes it easy to scan inventory into a box, print a consolidated FBA and 2D label, and track your history and shipment costs. So don’t worry about labels ever again; 2D Transit will handle that. You just build the best business you can, and don’t let labels hold you back.


Powerful Features

  • Consolidated Labeling
  • Multi-user Access Control
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Print History

Enhanced Automation

  • Automatic Validation
  • Shipment Tracking
  • File Importation
  • Automatic Label Printing

Your Team of experts on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Your success is our passion. Let us help you bring your product to the world.

At Channel Precision, we understand logistics. That’s why we designed 2D Transit for ease of use by any warehouse team. 2D Transit’s scanning and automatic label printing technologies reduce your warehouse processing time by 60-80%. And once your package arrives at an Amazon Fulfillment Center, 2D and FNSKU labels get your inventory checked in faster and with 90% fewer errors.

It’s time to take your Amazon business to the next level

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