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Our investigations meet the highest evidentiary standards; accuracy is critical since investigations are the bedrock of rogue administration. Our team of lead investigators has nearly 50 years of professional research experience as Ph.D.s, former professors, and cyber forensics experts, as well as access to the best investigative tools.


  • Identify & remove gray market retailers and arbitrage rogues alike.

  • Receive detailed and methodologically sound reports that prove the identity of culprits and their sources.

  • Remove unauthorized sellers with our tried and true escalation protocol.

  • Vet prospective retailers to anticipate possible problem sellers.

  • Receive a Rogue Watcher spreadsheet, which grants visibility to your brand’s entire market space on Amazon.

  • Create a clean market space for your authorized Amazon
    retail partners.


Employ Amazon’s marketing programs to engage existing customers, attract new ones, and acquire market share from competitors–both on and off Amazon. After all, since most customers consult Amazon before purchasing anywhere, making your brand more visible on Amazon will result in increased sales at retail stores.


  • Target specific keywords or product attributes to gain visibility. Engage prospective customers with detailed banner ads. Create a brand store to educate customers about your brand.

  • Increase sales not just on Amazon, but at retail outlets.

  • Receive personalized campaign strategies as well as detailed reports that track marketing allocations and document the success of individual marketing campaigns.


Headed by a former Chief of Police, Channel Precision’s Controlling Division marries 3rd-party marketplace MAP violation monitoring with effective and consistent violation controlling, which is key to protecting your brand’s reputation, your authorized retail partners, and your customers.


  • Receive access to our proprietary automated dashboard that provides daily and historical MAP violation data in an intuitive format.

  • Establish an escalating administration protocol that allows us to do the work of warning authorized 3P resellers and of ensuring MAP compliance.

  • Create a fair market space for your authorized Amazon retail partners.

Amazon Order Processing & Tracking

As experts in packaging, labeling, and processing direct-to-consumer shipments and bulk shipments to Amazon FBA, Channel Precision offers a comprehensive distribution solution. Allowing our warehouses to act as distribution hubs can reduce processing time, resulting in improved Amazon metrics and, by reducing shipment time to FBA, increased sales.

  • Daily submission of orders through all major data transfers (EDI, B2B, .csv, FTP, fax, phone, etc.).

  • Streamline distribution by allowing our dedicated teams to create and use customer shipment labels.

  • Ensure Amazon metric compliance through our end-to-end distribution model, comprised of order submission, label generation, tracking input, and customer support.

  • Allow our warehouses to serve as your distribution hub,
    reducing the risk of lost products, and granting fast and
    accurate direct-to-consumer processing, bulk processing
    to Amazon FBA, or both


The vast majority of shoppers begin their search for products on Amazon, making it a powerful tool for driving sales both on and off the platform. It’s essential to manage how your brand is represented and defined on the world’s largest product search platform, particularly since any seller can create listings–and they often have little regard for accuracy or appeal.


  • Work with a single contact to manage all your brand’s listings.

  • Use your existing digital assets, product content, and messaging to create uniformly professional and engaging listings.

  • Consolidate listings to aggregate product reviews and, since Amazon favors listings with more (favorable) reviews, increase sales by doing so.

  • Challenge and remove bad listings created by other resellers.

  • Define keywords to ensure your products appear in a wide array of product searches.

  • Acquire market share from competitors who fail to understand the significance of managing listings.


Selling a great brand alone doesn’t ensure growth on Amazon. Our tailored and thorough analytics data will allow you to recognize changing market conditions and identify new opportunities.


  • Receive proprietary predictive analytics reports that map customer behavior and track product data. We don’t just gather great data, but analyze it to make informed recommendations.

  • Gain access to our customized analytics dashboard that represents data graphically, including the number of sellers, average margin, listings health, shipping costs, and many more data points.

  • Receive inclusive data about your competition, including sell-down data, to help define a strategy that increases your market share.


Amazon is the largest product search platform on the planet, whether shoppers ultimately buy there or elsewhere. Consequently, product reviews there have an influence that extends well beyond Amazon. Review management is an indispensable tool for growing sales and maintaining your brand’s hard-earned reputation.


  • Gain prized designations on Amazon, such as Top Brand, Best Seller, #1 New Release, and Amazon’s Choice.

  • Appear in more searches, as Amazon privileges products with higher ratings.

  • Challenge and remove unrelated bad reviews.

  • Engage our proven review solicitation system, which enables customers to provide fast and easy feedback on their purchase.

Prime Strategy

By supplementing our use of Amazon’s fulfillment centers with our own certified FBA onsite warehouses, we not only offer nationwide 2-day shipping, but can increase the percentage of your product line offered with the coveted Prime badge.


  • Receive expert consultation about the most strategic distribution allocation of inventory for your brand to ensure nationwide Prime coverage.

  • By expanding your Prime offerings, instill customer confidence, increase conversions, and grow your Buy Box win rate.

  • Take market share from competitors who fail to execute a Prime Strategy.